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How To Ship A Car

semi trailer carrying automobiles

All of these cars and no one to drive them. How will you possibly move them from place to place? By shipping them!

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How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

movers in red and which uniforms moving boxes

The cost for a moving company can vary widely based on several different factors, which we will examine below.

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Moving Stress: Why Is Moving So Stressful?

Stressed out couple moving sitting around boxes

The three most stressful days in a person's life are the death of a loved one, a divorce, and moving day (and sometimes these events can happen simultaneously).

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The Frugal Mover: How to Create a Moving Budget

Afro American couple calculating costs in front of moving boxes

If you want your next move to be smooth, create a moving budget. A moving budget can cushion you in case of an unexpected expense. It can also help you save money.

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The Essential Local Moving Checklist

smiling woman holding pen and checklist next to moving boxes

Did you know that around 40 million Americans move to a new home each year? Whether it's cross country or just around the corner, Americans move far more than their European counterparts.

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How Much Do Local Movers Cost?

Male worker in blue carrying box

Answer: Local movers can cost anywhere from $200 up to $6,500. It all depends on the specific type of service you need, the size of your home, and the dates you plan to move.

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Finding The Best Packing and Moving Services

Male worker taping and moving box

Did you know a person in the United States will move approximately 11.7 times in their lifetime?

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All About Packers and Movers Near Me

Two Young Male Movers Packing Furniture In Living Room

When it comes to packers and movers near me, there may be some information you need. You may think of moving companies as teams of people who only provide a certain, limited set of services. However, you can have the professionals as involved in the moving process as you want.

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The Best Local Movers Near Me

Home Moving Services. Movers Loading Van Or Truck

Are you moving within the same city? Or perhaps within the same metropolitan area? If your move is over less than 50 miles, it is usually considered a local move. While long-distance and local moving companies offer similar moving services, there are some key differences.

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Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Truck Driver Crosses the Road in the Rural Area and Gets into His Blue Long Haul Semi-Truck with Cargo Trailer Attached. Logistics Company Moving Goods Across Countrie and Continent

Need to move? How do you find the right long distance and storage companies near me to do the job? There are several tips that can help. Of course, we know that our services are a cut above the rest.

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Do You Need a Moving Truck Rental? How to Book One and More

Man Unloading Furniture From Removal Truck Outside New Home On Moving Day

One of the most important parts of a move is the moving truck. Most people rent either a truck or van to help get their household or office items from point A to point B. Finding moving trucks near me doesn't have to be stressful or a hassle. When you work with professional moving truck services, you will get guidance on what size truck you need, and other elements of the move.

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What Is The Average Cost To Move Across Country Nowadays?

Aerial view of truck with cargo trailer driving on straight road and transporting goods. Camera following to delivery lorry moving across country highway. Flying over traffic in rural.

When you’re doing a big cross country move, there are a lot of moving parts. You may worry about the cost of moving across country. The truth is, there is a huge range of costs. This depends on exactly how far you are moving, the size of your home, and whether you are doing a DIY move, hiring moving container companies or hiring cross country movers to do the whole thing.

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Moving Services Near Me: What They Are And How To Book Them

House moving and packing service. Asian man in blue shirt uniform using tape to package box at customer house. Customer couples check things before boxing. Home delivery and moving service concept.

Commercial moving services are a great solution to help with any type of move. There are services that can assist you with a home move, an office move, or a small move. Professional movers can bring items across far or short distances, and they can also provide much more than just muscle and transportation.

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What Does A Junk Removal Service Do? Hauling, Cleanup and More

Old yellow couch with cushions sits on a curb in residential area next to a recycling cart waiting for bulk waste hauler pickup on trash day

Why would you need to have junk removed from your home? There are many reasons. First of all, after you move, there is a lot of garbage to take away. Moving boxes, packaging, and other items need to be taken away. You may have old bulky items like furniture to dispose of from your old place.

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Are There 24 Hours Movers? How Long Do Movers Work And When?

Night Truck Drive in Desert Area. Trucking Concept Illustration.

Sometimes moving needs to happen in a hurry. Do movers work for 24 hours a day? Some moving companies do! Depending on the specifics of your move, you can often get same-day delivery and super quick service. While it is good to book your move well in advance, you can often book movers at the last minute when needed. The catch is, you may have less flexibility when shopping around because instead of searching for the best price, you’d be searching for the one that is available when you need them.

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Furniture Movers: What They Do, And How to Hire Them

Furniture delivery service concept

Did you ever need to move a couch or a fridge? How about moving a piano? It's really hard work and comes with some of the same risks and pitfalls of moving house yourself. You might injure yourself by pulling your back or stubbing your toe. Worse, your friend or family member who is giving you a hand might do the same. So it's best to hire professional furniture movers near me to get the job done. They have the expertise to lift and pack properly so your item makes it to its new destination.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Local Movers Online

Movers carrying boxes in new house

If you are moving over a distance of fewer than 50 miles, that is considered a local move. For this job, you can hire movers that specialize in that type of move. What is different about this kind of move? There are fewer moving parts. For the most part, your belonging will get loaded into a van or a truck and then brought to your new home. No air, train, or boat travel is required. For move shorter moves, there aren't any international considerations like borders or customs to deal with.

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How to Get Moving Boxes Near Me

One of the most important supplies for moving is cardboard boxes. They usually come flat, in groups of different sizes. Then, once you are ready to pack, you can assemble them using packing tape. Finally, you can put your belongings inside of them and pack them up. Seal the boxes with packing tape, and make sure to write on them with a permanent marker to label what is inside. You can also use stick-on labels.

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Finding the Best Moving Help

Moving service employees with cardboard boxes in room

So, you have to move a couch or washer/dryer and you need some help with moving. Where do you turn? You could ask your buddy or your cousin, but they might flake at the last minute or not have the strength that you need to truly get it done. Plus, people who are not professional movers might injure themselves as they don't have the proper equipment or tools for moving. So, how do you find the best moving help provider?

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All About Movers Near Me

Two young movers are at their work near their car in a courtyard

When you are choosing movers for your big change, there are many things you need to consider whether you have a long distance or local move. You want to make sure you go with a reputable and trustworthy company who will get your belongings there in one piece and deliver the services you order. How can you do this?

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Local vs. Long Distance Moving Companies

Removal Company Workers Unloading Furniture And Boxes From Truck Into New Home On Moving Day

Many moving companies provide both local and long-distance services. However, some focus on one service or the other. Depending on your move, you will need to choose a company that has experience or expertise in the type of move that you need.

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Finding Storage Near Me

Self storage and mini storage garage units.

A storage unit is a space you can temporarily store your belongings. People need them for many reasons. During a move, there may be an intermediate time when you are already moved out of your home but are not yet ready to move into your new home.

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What is the Average Cost of Movers?

Parcel with calculator in warehouse, 3D rendering

The cost of a move can vary greatly. So the national average cost of hiring a professional moving company for a team of 2 movers and a move of fewer than 100 miles in the United States is about $1,400. However, that type of move can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,150 depending on several factors.

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Moving Trailer Vs. Moving Truck

When you are thinking of moving, you may wonder if you need to rent a moving truck and hire movers to do everything. Of course that is the easiest and most stress-free option, but some people also like to employ do-it-yourself elements into their moves. One way to do this is to attach a car moving trailer to your own vehicle instead of renting a truck. Then you can drive it to your new home yourself instead of having a professional driver do it. You can still hire movers to do all the loading and unloading, or packing and unpacking. Some people prefer to do the driving themselves so they are in control of when all items get to their new home. Trailers are also a great option for moving vehicles over long distances.

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The Best Dorm Room Movers

College students have special needs for moving and we understand why. They usually move several times per year, and they often have small budgets and even less time. If they live far from their college or need to intern or work in between in another city, state or even out of the country, they may have more storage needs during summer and winter breaks than other types of people moving.

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How Commercial Movers Can Help

Man in uniform pushing cargo on forklift

When you need moving help for a business endeavor, you need to hire commercial moving services. These service providers help you and your teams get back to business as usual as soon as possible during a relocation. Why hire help? It lets your employees focus on what they do best and keeps your business running smoothly with the least amount of downtime possible. These services are suitable for commercial, office, and industrial businesses. We have the expertise, equipment and team members to help, no matter what type of business you have.

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Finding Budget Movers

cheerful mover in uniform and cap standing with crossed arms near boxes in apartment

Looking for a move that won’t break the bank? Look no further! Moving can break the bank but it doesn’t have to. With flexible options that are friendly to any budget, we can help you have a great move while keeping your wallet happy. What are the best ways to save on your move? Keep reading to find out.

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Using A Moving Cost Estimator

Piggy bank and moving boxes

Some moving businesses offer online calculators so you can see how much your move might cost. However, the best way to get an estimate is actually to get a free quote. When you do this with us at Fleet53, it’s easy. Your quote comes with no obligation. In fact, we recommend getting a few different quotes so you can make sure you go with the right option for you. When you get multiple quotes, we hope you will see that we offer affordable options that are also flexible.

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All About Moving Company Prices

Home loan concept

How much a move costs depends on many different factors about the move itself. Some of these factors are your choice, like what types of services you would like and how much you are willing to spend. However, other factors are probably not very flexible, like the size of the move, the distance that the move will cover, any special equipment required, and the time of year that you will need to move.

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Moving Van Rental Near Me

Moving van on the road

Looking for rental moving vans near me? You may be wondering what is a van for moving and how does it differ from a moving truck. We have all the answers.

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Commercial Movers

Courier Takes out Cardboard Box Package from Delivery Van Full of Parcels, Delivering Postal Parcel.

Movers that perform services for businesses specialize in moving offices, retail spaces, manufacturing equipment, and other types of equipment. They have the specialized knowledge to move a large volume of electronics and heavy furniture like desks and cubicles, as well as other items that might not be commonly found in a residential move. The benefit of working with professionals is that you can lower the downtime your business might experience during a move. That way, you can keep your teams focused on the job, rather than being scattered or disoriented with things in flux.

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College Movers

Portrait of smiling Asian woman packing cardboard boxes with tape dispenser while st moving out to new house, copy space

College bound movers specialize in helping students move into and out of their dorm rooms. This is a specialized service because it happens several times a year. Depending on how your school functions, you may have two semesters, three trimesters, or even four quarters per year. In some schools, you move in and out between each one of these sections. Additionally, some schools offer winter and summer sessions. You may need to move in between those as well.

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What To Know About Moving Truck Rental

Moving truck in a natural landscape background

One of the most important parts of moving is finding the best moving truck rental. These vehicles are designed to get your items where they need to be. How do you know what kind you need? And what is a good price? Keep reading to find out.

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All About Appliance Movers

Two Young Male Movers Placing Steel Refrigerator In Kitchen

The best way to ensure that your item makes it to its new destination is to hire professional movers. Whether you are moving a dishwasher, a washing machine, a fridge, or something else, we can help. If you are just moving an appliance, and it is not part of a larger move, that is usually referred to as a “partial move.” Since Fleet53 and all of our partners are fully insured and licensed, you can rest assured that your machinery will be safe and sound from end to end during the moving process.

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Moving Storage

Stack of cardboard boxes in living room at new house on moving day

Moving and storage can go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some moves aren’t as cut and dry as packing your boxes and moving them into your new home. Sometimes you need a temporary or long-term space to store some of your belongings. Whether it’s because your new home isn’t quite ready yet, or because it’s not big enough but you need time to get rid of things, we can help with a storage solution. Other storage solutions like pods help with the moving and packing process itself.

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Moving Cost Calculator

What is a moving cost estimator calculator? This is a tool you can use to find out how much your move may cost. There are some websites that offer this feature. Are these calculators accurate? For the most part, they can give you a range of what to expect for your move based on the distance of the move, the size of the move, and other factors like the time of year and day of the week that you move. Some calculators also include the cost of moving supplies. Some moves have special needs that a moving calculator may not be able to anticipate. For those, you may need to talk on the phone to a moving specialist. This can include moving fine art, antiques, or vehicles.

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How to Move

Young couple with belongings after moving into new house

Wondering how to move to another state? There are so many components that go into planning a move. Luckily, with the right moving company on your side, it can be a breeze.

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All About House Movers Near Me

Young man moving furniture at home

Looking for packers and movers for house near me? You are in the right place. We provide all the services you need whether you just want to rent a truck or you want the professionals to handle your move from the packing to the unpacking. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you.

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Where Can You Buy Moving Boxes?

Move. Cardboard boxes and cleaning things for moving into a new home

You can buy moving boxes at storage facilities, office supply stores, and from moving companies.

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Moving Piano Cost

Close up view of piano keys

The national average cost to move a piano is a little less than $200. However, depending on where you live, the type of piano you have, and the distance of the move, it can cost up to $1,000 or more.

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Moving Storage Containers

Storage container on residential neighborhood street. Horizontal.

Sometimes called "pods," these are containers that allow you to pack everything up into a storage container for moving at home. This then gets put onto a truck and can get shipped anywhere that you need it to go. It is an easy way to move. The moving company will drop off the storage unit at your current home. Then, you can pack it. Schedule your pickup when you are ready, and they will come to get it and bring it to your new location. Some pod storage companies let you keep your storage container for however long you need it. Others give you a time limit of a few days for packing.

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Are Interstate Movers Long Distance Movers?

White truck on a highway

Interstate movers often perform long distance moves. However, not all moves between two states are this type of move.

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What Is A Moving Van?

Delivery men unloading moving boxes from car

A moving van is a vehicle you can use to move your belongings. It is smaller than a moving truck and some people find them easier to drive.

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Moving Supplies Near Me

Approach to plastic rolls for packing in the foreground with a plastic wrapped chair, cardboard boxes and adhesive tape in the background

Some people try to get moving boxes for free from grocery or liquor stores. However, these boxes are not optimal for moving. They may not be as sturdy as brand new boxes. So, you may end up losing one or two during the move. It may not hold your items properly, leading to potential breakage.

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Moving And Storage Services

storage hall with open storages doors 3d illustration

All types of people may need a moving and storage service at some point. It’s not just for people who have more stuff than what can comfortably fit in their homes (although, that is a great use of it too!) Other people who might want to try a storage space include:

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Choosing Interstate Moving Companies

An interstate moving company is one that can move your items from one state to another. Most moves to a new state are considered long-distance ones. That means they are over 50 miles. Local moves are ones that take place over a distance of less than 50 miles.

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How to Find Affordable Movers

Model of cardboard house with key, calculator, notebook, pen and cash dollars. House building, loan, real estate. Cost of public utilities, insurance, rent or buying a new home concept

The best way to find affordable movers is to get quotes from multiple moving companies and compare their rates and services. Then choose the one that works best for you!

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What is a Cross Country Moving Company?

Truck on the road at sunset

A cross-country moving company is one that helps people and businesses move from coast to coast in the United States. They may also help people move to Alaska or Hawai'i.

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Benefits Of Professional Movers

Full length shot of two contractor employees, young and aged worker in uniform moving personal belongings, furniture inside apartment. Moving service concept. Selective focus. Horizontal shot

Professional movers are great for many reasons. They get your move done on time and are trained professionals so they get your items from point A to point B without damage. Plus, unlike friends and family, there are no last-minute cancellations with the pros, and you won’t tweak your back from lifting too many heavy items improperly.

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How to Find the Best Moving Company

Movers Carrying Sofa Outside Truck On Street

How do you find a top-rated moving business? There are many tactics that can ensure you get a quality experience from whoever you hire. Use these tips to make sure you get the type of move that you want.

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Packers and Movers

Wall with boxes labeled and ready for shipping

A full-service move is one that includes packing too. Professional movers will come and pack all of your items for you, and then unpack everything at your new destination. Many people enjoy these services because it allows them to focus on other things during the move like family or work. Moving is already stressful, so why not have someone else handle the details to make it less of a hassle?

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Moving and Storage Companies

storage hall with open storages door and wheelbarrow with boxes 3d illustration

As a long-distance moving and storage company, we provide temporary and permanent storage solutions in addition to professional moving help. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about storage!

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Hiring Local Movers

An unbranded commercial grade and heavy duty moving truck or furniture delivery vehicle parked infront of a residential home.

This type of move is categorized as one that is less than 50 miles. The cost of this kind of move is dependent on several factors. First, the distance of the move may affect the price. Even though each move will be less than 50 miles, a move that takes place across 3 miles usually costs less than a move that is 45 miles. The size of the move also affects the cost. A three bedroom house will cost more than a one bedroom house to move. Additionally, sometimes the time of year can affect the price. Demand for local furniture movers usually goes down in the winter, so it may be more affordable to move during that time. Also, weekend moving dates are in high demand and may cost more.

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Why You Should Get Moving Quotes?

Moving van outside house

Getting moving company quotes helps you pick the best option for you! You can get multiple prices from different companies and pick the services that match your budget.

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Your Moving Checklist

Woman checking a checklist while moving

There’s a lot to remember when you’re moving. Check this moving out checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

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You Need Moving Help: Here’s Why

Man who is a professional mover looking authoritative while wearing a PPE mask

Moving help is a useful service because most people do not have the training needed to safely and securely move heavy and awkward items. There are some common injuries that people get from moving items without experience. By hiring professionals, you avoid not only getting these injuries yourself but also avoid risking injury to your friends and family members who might be helping you with the move.

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What Are Office Movers?

Answer: Office movers are a moving team that helps you move office items like files, inventory, and office equipment.

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How to Find Good City Movers

City movers can move you within the same urban area or between different ones. They are experienced in urban terrain and can deal with things like parking a moving truck and navigating busy city streets. They are also aware of security needs in a big city and may work with a team of three or four movers instead of just two so that one person can stay with the truck when it is open during loading and unloading.

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Tips For Booking Senior Moving Services

Senior moving services are a specialized group of offerings designed to help older people either downsize and move into a new home, or prepare to “age-in-place” in their current residence. Often as people age they need to move into a one-story home as stairs become difficult to manage. They may also need to move into a care home or assisted living facility for various reasons. There are many reasons why older relatives will need to move at some point. You can make the transition easier.

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What Type of Storage Unit Do I Need?

Answer: There are many different types of storage units for rent. The kind you need depends on what you are storing and what amenities you need.

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All About Auto Transport

Moving long distances may involve more than hauling your boxes and furniture to a new home. You may also need auto transport. This specialized service gets your car from point A to point B. Without this service, you would need to figure out someone to drive your car from your old home to your new one. This may be difficult if you are moving over a long distance. It may even be impossible if you are moving across an ocean. There are several options available to get your vehicle where you need it to be.

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Options For Moving Services

When you are preparing to move there are a lot of things you can consider for moving services. It can be hard to know what to choose. Here is an overview of the options available for you to choose from. Do you still have questions? Please contact us to talk to a specialist.

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Difference Between Long Distance & Local Moving Companies

When you are booking a moving company you may see options for long distance moving companies and local ones. Most of the time, the same business can provide both of these services. However, there may be smaller businesses that only do moves in the same city or geographic area, as opposed to traveling across state lines. What is the difference between these two types of businesses?

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Working With Corporate Relocation Companies

If you are relocating to a new city due to your job, there’s a chance your company may help with your move. This is generally called a corporate relocation, and we can help with that too! This type of move can include many different types of services, which often go above and beyond simply hiring a moving truck and getting you from point A to point B. The following are some of the specialty services we can provide in these situations.

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How to Move Furniture?

Answer: There are several tactics you should follow to move furniture safely including using furniture sliders and using proper technique to protect your back.

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How Much Does It Cost To Move?

Answer: Moving costs depend on what services you book, the size of your load, and the distance of the move. 

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What Are Things to Do When Moving?

Answer: When moving there is a lot you need to get done including purging, packing, getting your affairs and documents in order, and more.

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How to Pack a Moving Truck?

Answer: The best way to pack a moving truck is to hire professionals to do the job. Keep reading for tips for a DIY move.

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Packing Supplies You Need

Each move requires different packing supplies. Of course, you know what you might need based on what items you own. However, a professional consultant can help you to determine exactly what you need so you don't come up short on moving day. We can base our estimates on the size of your home, and by doing a virtual walkthrough with you to ensure we have a good idea of what specialty packaging materials you might need, if any.

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The Best Long Distance Movers

Need to move your belongings somewhere far away? How do you find the best long distance movers for that purpose? Here are some tips to choose a quality team to get the job done.

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Full Service Local Moving: Don’t Lift A Finger

If the prospect of packing up all your worldly belongings and hauling them onto a moving truck yourself sounds like a drag, consider using full service local moving for your next move. This service encompasses everything from packing up your boxes, to unpacking them and every part of the move in between. Even boxes and packing materials are included in this service package.

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White Glove Packers and Movers

White glove packers and movers used to actually wear white cotton gloves to take extra care with special items. Nowadays, movers are more likely to wear other types of work gloves that allow them to grip items better. However, the term still means the same thing: that we take every extra precaution and make sure that everything is exactly as it should be. It comes with extra amazing customer service and is particularly well suited for people who have specialty items that need to be handled with extra care.

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Expedited Long Distance Shipping

Expedited long distance moving occurs when you need something to go a far distance and fast. It can be a move of any size, and any type of item. Whether you are moving an apartment, a home, a condo, or an entire office, you can use this service. For many, a move over a long distance is a bit more overwhelming than an inter-city move. When you add the pressure of needing your goods in a short period of time, it can turn into a stressful endeavor. That’s why you really need the right team on your side to help you. You want to be able to trust them as they drive your items across state lines. You want to have confidence that your items will arrive on time.

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Loading and Unloading Services

One of the hardest parts of a move is loading and unloading the moving truck. In fact, many injure themselves doing this. They are not accustomed to doing such physical activity so they hurt their backs. Why don't you save your back (and the backs of the friends and family members who volunteer to assist with your move) and hire loading and unloading services.

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College Student Storage Services

Being in college involves a lot of moving. Depending on where you are going to school, you may have to move into the dorms at the beginning of each semester, and out of them fully at the end of each semester. If you attend university far from your hometown, you will have a hard time lugging all of your belongings, including furniture, on an airplane every 6 months. So, many, including international students, turn to summer storage for college students instead. It makes it much easier to move in and move out each year.

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Moving From House To Condo

Thinking of moving from a house to a condo? This a wise choice for many. Condos are smaller and perfect for new families, empty nesters, and people who simply want a decently sized, but perhaps more manageable, home. They are also generally considered easier to manage. There are fewer things to clean, and often times the HOA will help to take of exterior maintenance. Some view an HOA as a downside because there are fees that come with that. But, most view it as a good thing because it helps them save in the long run on things like gutter cleaning, power washing, snow removal, and more.

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Expedited Shipping Definition

What is expedited shipping? It simply means that you need something to get somewhere faster than the usual shipping speed. It is usually considered to be a shipping speed under two days. Once we commit to faster shipping, you can expect your items on or before the deadline set. You will always be able to track your items, and you will have one point of contact to help you with every step along the way.

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Long Distance Expedited Shipments

Sometimes you need something fast. Sometimes you need something shipped over a long distance. When you need both, that results in a long distance expedited shipment. This is a service we offer to make sure that you get what you need, when you need it. While more flexible long distance shipping options may place your goods in trucks with other items going the same general direction, expedited shipping prioritizes speed over cost cutting measures.  This avoids the many transfers and stops that may occur without faster shipping speeds.

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Small Moves; Long Distances

You don’t have to be moving your whole household to need our long distance moving services. We also provide these options for people who require small moves. What is that, exactly? Well, it is generally defined as a move that is less than about 1.75 tons. This means it may be a few large pieces of furniture or a small two bedroom apartment. A long distance move is generally a move that takes place over 150 miles or more.

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Moving Tips for Mlitary Moves

Worried about how to handle your upcoming military move due to deployment? Don't worry. We have all the information you need to know right here.

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Why We Are Top Business Moving Professionals

Fleet53 tops many business moving professionals lists for companies to hire for any kind of move. Here's why.

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Our Commitment To Health & Safety During Covid-19 Pandemic

Many people find moving to be stressful to begin with, let alone during a global pandemic. However, we are taking the coronavirus situation very seriously and have implemented many policies to put your mind at ease and allow your move to continue as planned.

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Why Hire A Professional Packing Service?

For some, packing up your whole house is not only a tedious task but a stressful one. You might wonder if you’re packaging breakable items properly. You may wonder if this precious cargo will break during the journey to your new home whether it is short or long. You might not know that there are specific specialized boxes for certain fragile items like televisions and mirrors. That’s why it’s usually best for those with these thoughts to hire professional packers and movers.

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Storage Unit Costs: How Much Is a Storage Unit?

Answer: Storage units rentals cost anywhere from $60 to $225 per month, depending on several factors including features and size. The average price of a unit is $0.97 per square foot.

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How to Move Out of State

Sometimes, interstate moving doesn't always go to plan. Your move might be delayed because the owner of the property changed his or her mind. Other times, a new building might not have been completed by a particular date. In these scenarios, a reputable moving company will place your items in a secure storage unit. As a result, you can protect your items until it's time to move again. Here are three things you should know about interstate storage.

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How to Move a Piano?

Answer:  Cover the piano with moving blankets and use a wheeled dolly to move the piano to the moving truck. Use wood to turn stairs into ramps and move it with a team of at least 2 people or more.

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How to Pack for a Move?

Answer:  Pack for a move by placing smaller items in cardboard boxes, preparing larger items for transport by disassembling them as needed, and taking measures to protect fragile items.

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How Much do Movers Cost?

Answer:  The cost of hiring movers is anywhere from $200-$6500. The price depends on the distance and size of your move.

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Where to Buy Moving Boxes?

Answer: Moving boxes are sold by office supply stores, hardware stores, online retailers, storage space rental companies, and moving assistance businesses like Fleet 53.

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Do I Need a Car Hauling Service?

A vehicle hauling service gets your car from point A to point B. Car hauling service is especially helpful during a long distance move during which you might be driving another vehicle. How do you know if you need a car hauling service?

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Above & Beyond Relocation Service

When searching for above and beyond relocation services, you don't need to look any further than Fleet53. There are several reasons why we are a top choice for local and long distance moves. Whether your move is small or large, we can help.

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What is Included With Moving Labor Service?

When moving, you will likely hire a moving labor service for at least part of your move. Many like to hire a moving company for every aspect of the move from packing to unpacking. However, others like to do some of that stuff themselves. When you hire a moving labor service like Fleet53, you can get a la carte services to work with professionals for the aspects of the move that you'd rather have someone else take care of. You can also hire a moving company for things other than moving house! Here are some options and ideas:

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Benefits of Hiring a Home Moving Service

In home moving services can make a huge difference in your moving experience. Without them, you might end up tired and sweaty at the end of your move. In the worst case scenario, you or someone you love could actually injure themselves from using improper lifting techniques. However, there are many other benefits to hiring a house moving service besides avoiding injury. Keep reading to find out what they are!

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What Should Be On Your Moving Checklists?

Moving is a huge project to undertake. It helps you stay organized if you have a moving checklist or two to make sure you get everything done. A moving out checklist will also stop you from procrastinating your packing and moving duties.

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What Moving Supplies Do You Need?

A major component of the moving process is packing, and for that, you need the right moving and packing supplies such as:

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4 Essential Long Distance Moving Tips

Couple moving boxes and packing or unpacking

If you're moving across country, you might feel overwhelmed. Moving in general is a huge project, and moving over a long distance is even more work. How can you make the most of the situation? Follow these packing tips for moving long distance.

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5 Tips for Moving Out of State

semi truck driving on interstate with sunset view

Each state within the US is like it's own country. Sure, we all speak the same language, but each state has it's own cultural symbols and local slang. Moving out of state can feel like a big move, but if you follow these tips it doesn't have to be so hard.

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The Top 3 Moving Across Country Tips

Young Family moving boxes into new house

There are a lot of moving parts when planning a move from one side of the country to the other. You have to deal with flights, transportation of goods, how to get settled and then you actually have to start your new life. It's likely that you need some tips for packing to move across country and other ideas to help you with your move.

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How to Pack For Any Move: Packing Tips for Moving

2 young women packing boxes in modern house

Packing can be an overwhelming experience. Some people hire professional packers to do the job, though many do it themselves. Packing and moving tips will help you pack all your items safely and securely. Follow these packing tips for moving house for a seamless move!

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