College Student Storage Services

Being in college involves a lot of moving. Depending on where you are going to school, you may have to move into the dorms at the beginning of each semester, and out of them fully at the end of each semester. If you attend university far from your hometown, you will have a hard time lugging all of your belongings, including furniture, on an airplane every 6 months. So, many, including international students, turn to summer storage for college students instead. It makes it much easier to move in and move out each year.

Best Size for Storage Units for College Students

What size unit do you need? Most students who share a dorm room, have their own bedroom, or studio apartment choose the 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit. These are on the smaller side, but are effective for that situation. If you don’t have much furniture to store, go with the 5×5 size. That will fit all of your boxes and home decor. If you do have several larger items, like a twin bed or a sofa, try the larger size to make sure all your belongings fit perfectly.

Cost of College Student Storage

The price of a summer storage space varies depending on the location. Typically urban areas with higher demands for storage have higher prices, and rural or suburban areas will be more affordable. Be sure to shop around to get the best price. Additionally, knowing that many college students are often strapped for cash, some storage businesses offer summer discounts if you show your student ID. Luckily, most storage unit contracts are on a month-to-month basis so you don’t have to pay for it for any longer than you need it.

Storage for College Students Keeps Items Safe

If you are worried about your items, keeping them in storage is a great idea. Many facilities have security, and even if not, your items will be behind a locked and secure door. Plus, you can get a unit that offers climate control or other features to keep your items safe and sound, so they will remain in the same condition you left them. This is especially pertinent for any students who have special electronic gear relating to their studies, or delicate art projects they want to preserve.

College students are welcome here at Fleet53! Contact us to get started with your summer storage package.

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