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Most people assume that long distance moves just take as long as they are going to take, but there is a way to get your items faster. Fleet53’s expedited long distance moving offerings are great for when you need it now!

Long Distance Expedited Shipping Definition

Expedited movers get your items to you quickly. Long distance shipments are faster than traditional truck shipping because the truck almost never stops along the way. Generally, two drivers take shifts driving to reduce the amount of time it takes for your gear to get where it needs to go. However, there are a few ways that long distance expedited moving services can work depending on your specific needs and how fast you need the job done.

Who Needs Expedited Long Distance Shipments?

For most home moves, the normal amount of shipping time is fine. However, there are some cases when you might want your items quickly. Perhaps it is simply worth it to you to get your items faster to reduce the transition time if you need to get to work or help the kids start at a new school. Expedited long distance moving shipments are often more relevant for businesses that may be under a strict deadline or trying to minimize downtime during a big move.

How Long Do Expedited Long Distance Shipments Take?

Each job is specific to the customer, but in general, expedited moves can take as little as 2-3 days. It all depends on the distance, your budget, and how fast you need your shipment. Generally expedited moving services take a few days less than regular moves.

Why Should I Choose Fleet53 For Expedited Shipping?

Fleet53 is a top choice for commercial expedited moving services and residential expedited moving services. We offer satellite tracking so you always know where your items are, and trustworthy teams of movers who always handle your goods with care. You will have just one point of contact, making it easy to follow up with any questions you have about your move at any point in the process. Peace of mind goes a long way with expedited long distance moving!