Semi truck hauling vehicles with skyscrape background

Need your vehicle to come to you? Don’t organize a complex driving scheme. Instead, hire Fleet53 for vehicle hauling. Our vehicle hauling service is the same reliable moving service as our other delivery options. Vehicle hauling services can bring your car, motorcycle or other vehicle to your new location.

Cost of Car Moving Services

How much do companies that move cars charge? Well, it all depends on a few different factors. The distance traveled, they type of car and the time of year will all factor into the price of the moving transport for your vehicle. Normal sized sedans cost less to transport than large SUVs. Certain times of year are more expensive to transport a car. For example, at the time when many snowbirds move down to Florida for the winter, car transports between the northeast and southeast can be a bit more pricey. The summer is also a high demand period that can be a bit more expensive.

Types of Truck Moving Services Available for Vehicle Hauling

There are two main types of truck choices available for car moving services. Open air transport trucks carry multiple vehicles on a special frame that holds them in place. This is the more common option for average cars. However, if you have a precious sportscar or similarly luxurious vehicle, you may want to go with enclosed transport for your car. This type of transport protects your car from the elements and gives it better security. Both options get your car where you need it to go!

Door-to-Door Options

When hiring vehicle hauling services, you can choose to have door-to-door delivery of your vehicle or you can choose to pick it up from a local central hub. Door-to-door is more convenient and tends to add a bit more to the cost. However, it can save you a lot of time! If you choose to pick it up from a central hub, you can save a bit on the overall cost of vehicle hauling. When choosing the latter, make sure to find out about the pick-up hours and location while setting up the delivery.