Young working in uniform holding booklet in front of truck

Business moving services are easy to find – but the best long distance movers are few and far between. Luckily you’ve already found us here at Fleet53, where your move will be handled by trustworthy professionals who will put your mind at ease every step along the way. Our business moving service allows your teams to do what they do best without having to take a pause due to moving.

How to Find Business Moving Services Near Me

The best way to find full service business moving companies is to ask around. However, when it comes to Fleet53, you can simply check out the amazing testimonials we have from satisfied customers. This shows that we are flexible, offering total moving packages and a-la-carte services as you need them. Whether your move can take it slow or needs to get done yesterday, our business movers are on the job!

Business Movers You Can Trust

There are several aspects of our moving business that make us one of the most trustworthy choices around. First, we vet all of our team members with drug tests and background checks. You never have to worry about who is handling your precious business items. Second, we offer you the ability to track your long distance business move through satellites. Your goods will never go “off the grid,” and you’ll know where they are at all times.

Business Moving Ideas

Business moving companies are not only needed when your business moves locations but anytime you have items to transport. Office moves are an important aspect of long-distance business moves, but many businesses also need record and file moving services or help moving merchandise or products. Whatever you need, Fleet 53 can handle your commercial moving needs with a flourish.

Cost of Business Moving Services

How much do business movers cost? That all depends on your needs. We offer flexible options including expedited shipping or slower options and services you can package together or use one by one as you need them. We work with your budget to come up with the perfect moving plan for your business!