How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

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How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

The cost for a moving company can vary widely based on several different factors, which we will examine below.

So you’ve decided to pull the trigger and move residences. Did you know that Americans move an average of 11.7 times in their life? If you’re a first-time mover, you’re in for quite a bit of logistics, planning, heavy lifting (literally), and financial expenditures.

On top of the stress moving can create and your budget, many moving individuals or families are quick to wonder, “How much does a moving company cost?”

The answer is…it’s complicated. We are here to help sort through some of the factors that will go into answering the question, “how much does it cost to hire a moving company?”

Are You Moving Locally or Long Distance?

The average cost of a moving company will first be determined by the number of miles that you plan on moving from door to door. A general rule is that it is considered a “local” move if it is under 100 miles from point A to point B. Anything further than that is considered long distance, though most reasonable moving companies will be flexible.

If your move is local, it is going to be much cheaper than if it is long distance – and it isn’t hard to see why. Especially in 2022, when gas prices are at an all-time high, driving even your personal vehicle can be a costly venture. Imagine the cost of gas in a 26-foot moving truck loaded down with all of your stuff!

One of the quickest ways to find out “how much does it cost to use a moving company” is to call or click for quotes. A representative will ask for some basic information regarding your move in order to provide you with the most accurate price – further factors you can read about below.

What Services Do You Require?

A majority of moving companies offer (or require) the assistance of their employees to make your move as seamless and comfortable as possible. While there is not currently any official information available on the number of injuries that happen every year to people who are moving, there are many ways that you can hurt yourself.

Let’s face facts: hiring people to help with your moving adventure isn’t going to make it any cheaper. It will, however, make it exponentially faster, easier, and much less stressful.

Think of it this way: you are moving across town, approximately thirty miles. You and your significant other can entertain your two children while spending all day packing and moving all of your worldly possessions onto a moving van, only to drive it that thirty miles and do it all again in reverse.

A first-world, modern-day horror story, to be sure. Your other option? Hire a moving company, don’t get hurt, take your kids to the park for the day, then show up at your new home ready for a fresh start. All thanks to your choice to hire professional packers.

Doesn’t that sound like it’s worth some extra money?

If you’re strapped for cash because of a long-distance move or a new home purchase (or…ahem…maybe both…and your wife hit five deer all at once in the brand new car that you also just bought), you can find some really helpful lists online to help you budget your dollars so that you can still hire those movers.

How Big Is Your Residence?

When you call or click for quotes, one of the first things a representative is likely going to ask you is how many bedrooms you have, the square footage of your home, or some other measurement-related metric so that they can get a grasp on the number of people that the move is going take.

Another factor that moving companies have to consider is the amount of packing time, packing materials, and the number of miles to and from your current residence to your new place. As mentioned above, they must calculate gas costs, mileage on the truck, and overnight stay costs for the movers if it is a long-distance move.

One of the more common ways to give this information to the moving company is to conduct either an in-person or over-the-phone inventory of your home. While this may seem a little intrusive, it is much simpler as long as you hire a reputable moving company.

Do You Need Packing Materials?

It happens all the time – inexperienced movers wait until the last second to pick up boxes, blankets, mats, dollies, and any other necessary equipment. Then they find themselves frantically hitting up grocery stores and liquor stores for their egg and liquor boxes, only to resign themselves to overpaying the local big box hardware store for their cardboard boxes.

Or you can request packing materials from the moving company, as simple as that.

Don’t Get Tricked

Any home buyer or previous moving company customer knows one thing – do your research. If you start to look around on the internet and fifteen companies call you within ten seconds of browsing, it’s not a good sign.

Check BBB ratings, consumer advocate reviews, etc. Otherwise, you’re going to get charged an exorbitant amount for subpar service.

Call an Expert

When it comes to the stage of your new move where it’s time to ask yourself “how much does a moving company cost?” take into consideration the convenience of the services and expertise of the company. Now, best of luck on your new adventure!

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