What Does A Junk Removal Service Do? Hauling, Cleanup and More

Old yellow couch with cushions sits on a curb in residential area next to a recycling cart waiting for bulk waste hauler pickup on trash day

House Junk Removal Services

Who Needs It?

Why would you need to have junk removed from your home? There are many reasons. First of all, after you move, there is a lot of garbage to take away. Moving boxes, packaging, and other items need to be taken away. You may have old bulky items like furniture to dispose of from your old place.

Long blue dumpster full of wood and other debris in the driveway in front of a house in the suburbs

When you declutter, you may also have a lot of junk to throw out. With junk removal services, they can deliver a dumpster and then pick it up when you are done.

Construction on a home can also cause a need for junk removal and clean-up help. Same day junk removal can also help with tearing down or deconstructing things like sheds, trampolines, fences, and more, before hauling away the garbage.

Sometimes things go wrong. If there is a foreclosure or an eviction and a tenant or resident leaves items behind, junk hauling is often the way to go. It’s also useful for helping clear a space after someone has passed away and a lot of items are not in good condition and are no longer needed.

Landscaping projects also often require junk hauling. Big branches, fencing, and other debris can not go into the garbage most of the time. So you need to get them hauled away.

College junk removal is also a useful service. Once you graduate from college, you want to move on to bigger and better things. You may want to ditch the furniture you acquired during your college years or get rid of large amounts of trash after a big event.

E-waste is also a big part of hauling. Most electronics need to be disposed of properly and carefully. Hauling junk removal companies know exactly how to do this.

You can also have a hauling company take away one item like an appliance, a couch, or a small load of scrap metal.

Most of the time, you have to pay a fee to your usual trash service to pick up large loads. And, if your load is above a certain size, they may not be able to take it at all. Home junk removal can sometimes be a more affordable option. Even if it is more costly than you usual trash pick up, it is always much more convenient.

What’s Included in Local Junk Removal?

Junk removal usually includes picking up and disposing of items no longer wanted. But, it can also involve delivering them to a place to donate them or to another location.

Sometimes, these services also include equipment rental, usually including dumpsters or other specialty equipment for managing waste.

How Much Is Junk Removal?

The cost of removal services depends on the size of the job. A single-family home pays on average about $200 for a local junk removal job. However, a business will pay, on average, $500. The cost is usually determined by cubic feet of junk to haul. A full truckload is considered to be 420-480 cubic feet. However, you can also divide your job by how much of a full load it is to reduce the cost. For example, a full load might cost up to $450 but 3/8 of a load might be only $200.

So, the cost really depends on the job.

Junk Removal Service Near Me

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