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Moving Companies With Storage


All types of people may need a moving and storage service at some point. It’s not just for people who have more stuff than what can comfortably fit in their homes (although, that is a great use of it too!) Other people who might want to try a storage space include:

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  • College students – Store your stuff in between semesters so you don’t have to do big moves each time.
  • Moving in together for the first time – Moving in together but not sure if you’re ready to let go of some of your things that your newly shared home doesn’t need two of? Put them in storage and decide what to do with them later.
  • Business owners – Small businesses often need storage for extra supplies, inventory, or seasonal equipment.
  • Staging a home – Clear out the clutter when preparing to sell your home. Many realtors agree that a less cluttered home is more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Remodeling your home – Instead of cluttering up your other rooms, put everything from the room you’re remodeling into storage!
  • Free up space – Make room for a new roommate, baby, or relative moving in by putting things into storage. Alternatively, you can move things into storage to make your garage, attic, or basement into a livable space.


When you go with a company that offers both moving and storage at the same time, you can get everything done in one go. The movers will take care of everything from the start. You can book a full-service moving and storage company to have them pack up your extra items. Or, you can pack it yourself and just have them haul it away to the storage space.

We have local, national, and international storage options through our wide network of logistics partners. We also have options for residential customers and business customers. We have access to all different types of storage spaces including self-storage, managed storage, and climate-controlled spaces. We can also help you find the right storage for specialty items that require more care, like wine collections and antiques.

Whether you are moving to a new home and need some storage as part of the transition, or you just need to declutter and get some things out of your house, we can help with every step of the way. Contact us to get a free quote for all service moving and storage.

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