How Much Does It Cost To Move?

Answer: Moving costs depend on what services you book, the size of your load, and the distance of the move. 

How Much Are Movers?

There is no one solid answer to this question. The real truth is that movers cost differing amounts depending on several factors about your move.

One of the main factors in determining the moving cost is the distance of the move. That is why most moving companies have you put your current location and the destination of the move in the quote request. Local moves are usually less costly than long-distance moves.

Another factor in the answer to the question of how much does it cost to hire movers is the size of your load. If you have a studio apartment’s worth of belongings, it will cost less than if you have the contents of a four-bedroom home to move.

Finally, the services you book affect the cost of the move as well. If you just rent a truck and doing all the packing and loading yourself, your cost will be much less than if you hire a professional team of movers to do everything from packing to unpacking.

Other Factors to Consider

When asking “how much is a moving company?” there are few other things to consider as well. The timing of the move can sometimes make a difference in the cost.

  • If your schedule is more flexible you can let the moving company tell you the most affordable dates they have available.
  • It’s usually less expensive to move in winter.
  • It’s also usually less expensive to move in the middle of the week (Monday thru Thursday) as opposed to the weekend (Friday thru Saturday). This is because demand is simply higher on the weekends.

So, Really, How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers?

There is no set price, due to the fact that moving costs vary so greatly. However, the range can be anywhere from $1000-$5000 when you book professionals who take care of most of the details. You can get a move done for less if you do more of the work yourself, and you can certainly find high-quality services that take care of every single detail that cost more than that.

The only way to find the true cost of a move is to get a quote from a moving company. Contact us now to get a free quote to find out the potential cost of your move.

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