Expedited Shipping Definition

What is expedited shipping? It simply means that you need something to get somewhere faster than the usual shipping speed. It is usually considered to be a shipping speed under two days. Once we commit to faster shipping, you can expect your items on or before the deadline set. You will always be able to track your items, and you will have one point of contact to help you with every step along the way.

How Expedited Shipping Works

Depending on when you need your items, you may need LTL or less than truckload shipping. Under normal circumstances, we may group shipments going in the same direction together on the same truck. In those cases, we wait until a truck is full to send it out. Additionally, full truckloads must make more frequent stops, and the orders within them have to be transferred multiple times to get to their final destinations. Each of these steps takes time.

With a less-than-full truckload, we can expedite your shipment straight to where you need it to be. In order to save time on especially long hauls, we may even use two drivers at the same time to allow for minimal stopping. The drivers will stop only to switch and take turns sleeping. That means that long-haul trucking jobs can take place over the course of only a few days.

The Benefits Of Expedited Shipping

The main benefit to faster shipping is that you will get your items faster. However, this does come at a premium. Even so, we work with our clients to find the best plan that will work for them in terms of both time and budget.

How much is expedited shipping? The cost depends on the weight of your delivery plus the distance, and any special handling factors we need to be aware of. Each job will receive a customized quote, so the price is fully personalized and variable.

How long does expedited shipping take? Exactly how long this type of delivery will take depends on several factors, but the most important will be the distance to the final destination. Coast to coast deliveries will take a bit longer than ones that are only a few hundred miles simply due to the constraints that come with driving across the country. Even the most experienced driving teams can do this cross-country journey in 2-3 days. However, an expedited delivery of a few hundred miles may be feasible in the same day.

Who Needs Expediting Shipping?

There are many people who might need something faster. It may be because of a quick move, a work deadline, or you simply want the peace of mind of having your items back in your hands as soon as possible. Whatever your reason, we will get it there on time!

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