Finding the Best Moving Help

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How to Hire Movers

What to Do When You Need Help Moving Furniture

So, you have to move a couch or washer/dryer and you need some help with moving. Where do you turn? You could ask your buddy or your cousin, but they might flake at the last minute or not have the strength that you need to truly get it done. Plus, people who are not professional movers might injure themselves as they don’t have the proper equipment or tools for moving. So, how do you find the best moving help provider?

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Check Reviews

First, check reviews online. Many sites have ratings based on five stars. You can quickly glance at how well the company is rated. If you want to do a further dive, read the reviews people have written. That will give you an idea of the moving/loading help company’s strengths, and weaknesses, if there are any. If a company has one or two bad reviews out of hundreds, it’s probably fine. What you’re looking for is a positive experience on average.

Get a Quote

Once you’ve chosen a few moving companies that look good to you, get a free quote. Most companies give out free, no-obligation quotes so you can compare and contrast rates. Then, you should select the moving company that has the best combination of a rate that fits your budget. Free quote forms as you questions about where you are moving from and to, to find out the distance of the move. They also ask about the size of the move and your desired moving date. All of these items help to determine the cost of your move.

If you have specialty items as part of your move, like antiques or a vehicle, you may need to call up the moving company to get a customized quote.

Why Do You Need Assistance?

There are many reasons you might consider hiring some help.

Help moving furniture: Even if you just have to move a few pieces of furniture, it’s best to hire the pros. They can help move them around tight corners. They also have the knowledge for how to take apart and reassemble furniture quickly.

You need help moving furniture upstairs: You can hire movers for help within the same house or building. Don’t strain your back! Hire the pros instead.

Packing help for moving: Some people just don’t have the time or energy to do it all. You have to work, take care of your family, and move all at the same time. A great moving company can help you pack up to save you time and allow you to focus your energy on your life.

Help moving office: Homes aren’t the only things people move to and from. Professional help moving an office is great for your bottom line and helps your employees get back to work more quickly.

Moving help with truck: Many people want to hire movers that have a truck. Most people don’t have their own truck large enough to complete a move. You can rent just a truck on it’s own too, but most people also want the professional assistance that comes with a team of movers.

Contact Us to Start

Ready to book your next move? We are here to help. Our professional moving teams are certified ProMovers by the American Moving and Storage Association meaning they have the training and expertise required to get the job done. Contact us now to get a free quote  and start planning your next move, whether you just need help moving a couch or the contents of your whole home.


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