4 Essential Long Distance Moving Tips

Couple moving boxes and packing or unpacking

If you’re moving across country, you might feel overwhelmed. Moving in general is a huge project, and moving over a long distance is even more work. How can you make the most of the situation? Follow these packing tips for moving long distance.

Tip #1: Find the Best Moving Date

One of the most important tips to save money on long distance moves is to plan it for the right time of year. Weekends, summertime and the time around the end of the month tend to be big moving days. If you have the flexibility to avoid moving during those times, then you can probably save a bit of dough by moving “off-season.” Depending on where you live and where you’re moving to, moving mid-winter may not be fun, but you can always try for the spring or fall.

Tip #2: Label to Stay Organized

If you need tips for packing for a long distance move, then you should know you must label everything. Write on boxes on multiple sides so everyone knows what is inside. Make sure to label fragile items as fragile so they don’t get broken. When you move in, having everything labeled will make it easy to unpack and get organized as soon as possible. Doing this will also let the movers know where to put the boxes when they help you unload.

Tip #3: Reach Out to the Community

Moving to a new state can be kind of scary. Nowadays, before you even move, you can start putting down roots. Join local online groups for your new town or city and interests. Use these groups to find friends before you get there. Even if your first friendships don’t workout, they will lead you to meeting the people who will become your long time community members in your new location. Tearing up roots can be unsettling, but you can put down new ones just as easily.

Tip #4: Go With the Right Moving Company

Professional moving companies are definitely helpful in a long-distance moving situation. When you know your belongings are in the hands of a trusted team and not some random person from the internet, you’ll worry less about your move. At Fleet53 we vet all of our teams with drug testing and background checks, so you feel comfortable and confident using us for a long-distance move.

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