Moving Supplies Near Me

Approach to plastic rolls for packing in the foreground with a plastic wrapped chair, cardboard boxes and adhesive tape in the background

How to Find Moving and Packing Supplies Near Me

Where Can You Buy Moving Boxes?

Cardboard moving boxes in new home. 3d render

Some people try to get moving boxes for free from grocery or liquor stores. However, these boxes are not optimal for moving. They may not be as sturdy as brand new boxes. So, you may end up losing one or two during the move. It may not hold your items properly, leading to potential breakage.

However, you can buy more reliable brand new moving boxes at many different types of places. Office supply stores often have them, but you can also get them at moving truck rental places and storage spaces that have a little shop. However, the best place to get moving supplies is probably from the movers themselves. They can provide you with everything that you need!

What Else Do I Need From a Moving Store Near Me?

Other moving supplies you will need include protective items. Get plenty of plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and packing paper. This will keep your items safe during the move. Besides normal moving boxes of various sizes, get a few specialty boxes. You will also need a few wardrobe boxes and perhaps some special boxes for art or mirrors. If you are doing any of the moving yourself, consider renting other supplies like moving blankets and dollys to help you cart things around. Don’t forget the tape!

How Many Things Do I Need From a Moving Supply Store Near Me

To find out how many boxes you will need, consult one of our moving specialists. They will give you all the info you need to get the job done without having too many extra, or even worse, too few, boxes. They will also advise you on how much packing paper to get. For example, experts recommend 10 pounds of packing paper for a one bedroom apartment, and 25-30 pounds for a three bedroom house. The moving experts will make sure you have everything you need to start packing.

The only thing that would be more thorough is hiring us for a full-service move. We will bring all the packing supplies we could possibly need and pack up your home for you. Then we will load the truck and take it to your new home, where we will unload and unpack everything. In that case, you don’t have to worry about any moving supplies at all!

Either way, contact us to start planning your next move. We are looking forward to hearing from you…